The water is flooding and drowning, the fire is burning and incinerating. And yet these two elements have always been the potter’s companions.

Thus, the examination of which of the potter’s clay subjects his clay every day reminds us of the ambivalence between fire and water.

But who will be touched most by this double power in the end? The clay dust or the potter who leaves the work of his hands to the elements?
— Daniel de Montmollin, Par l’eau et le feu, un itinéraire de potier


Fanny Sennheiser, is a Swiss French designer who works as an independent ceramist in Zurich. After her studies in cultural management and public relations in France and Switzerland and fews years working in cultural business, she has decided to reorient herself in an artistic way.  She trained at the Zurich University of the Arts to learn ceramic. 

Mum of 2 kids she was searching for beautiful plates for her children without success. The ceramist decides to create a children’s tableware collection by herself. As the number of orders grew, she decided to create her first collection of children's ceramics: Smiling Table in 2014.

Since 2011, Fanny Sennheiser has created different collections of ceramics made entirely by hand, combining perfectionist spirit and respect for the tradition. Porcelain, this noble and fragile material is at the heart of Fanny Sennheiser's work. She creates everyday objects that inspire with their simplicity and aesthetic poetry. Each piece is hand-crafted by the artist. 







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